Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ombak Rindu

"i open my heart to you and if you feel claustrophobic staying in my heart, i never close the exit...."

"i have no fear of suffocation and i don't even know the exit door. i'll not leave you alone"

These are conversation between lovers. i read this and i thought 'wow!'

What can i say about these two lines...that one is willing to be hurt if the other one feels that he cannot continue with the relationship...need a way out. While the other half is responding equally strongly that despite of everything, he is happy and willing to risk himself rather than leaving the lover.

Such touching gestures and strong emotions, don't you think?

Like 'Ombak Rindu'...the movie...

Yes, i have watched the movie twice. I kind of enjoy it. But i watched twice because the first time, i did not get to finish watching and so watched second time until the ending.

I don't usually enjoy Malay films. I find many is quite boring and lack substance but some are good.

Did i cry watching 'Ombak Rindu'? Yeah...a bit...the song helped to put the right sad mood...the actors were good...knew their characters well and yes...good movie...ending is too good...

I remember reading another poignant, powerful love story: Badai Semalam. This was turned into theatre but unfortunately i did not get the chance to watch the theatre. That was one novel, i read and read and read and everytime, i cried. Wonder how was the theatre like...Did it get translated well into theatre?

Aaahhh..in the mood to talk about love stories...

Life is full of surprises...take each one as it comes and brave the challenges...at the end, good attitude prevails..

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