Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What is happening?

Hi! Remember about my last entry? About being strangers even after knowing my partner for more than 20 years?

Suprisingly, my exact thought about marriage institution nowadays is mirrored in the report of last two sunday's The Star. There was the report about how marriage nowadays does not last long..and the age of those seeking for separation is between 30s - 40s? Wow!

Really, life nowadays is full of challenges that many has fallen trapped to them and cannot even withstand the very sacred vow of marriage. And remembering a friend's comment about failed relationship / marriage...sometimes, we just have to take care for ourselves first before others including our children. I suppose, the reason given by my friend makes sense since, living together in such stressful situation never really benefited anybody, not even our children. Possibly can cause lot more damage too.

Recalling my own childhood experience, having troubled family did not do much good to me. I grew up feeling insecure and have inferiority complex behaviour. And wondering why life has to be cruel to me. And felt that there was not enough love to support me throughout my teenage year. But Alhamdulillah...He gives me strength and here i am...

What can we do to strenghten marriage institution? What does it take to make a marriage goes a long way? 

Honestly, there are more questions than answer...but one thing for sure, marriage is really a challenge, greater than political challenge. Needs a lot of understanding, give and take, and patience and perseverence...and BEST of LUCK to me...!!

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