Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Up, up...down...

I wanna share with you with a hilarious Monday morning episode i experienced. It was a bit on the shameful side but i take it as funny. Surely there was a lesson to learn?

Lately, I am always late arriving at work. And the problem with being late at my work place are: car parking space and elevator. Not once or twice that i am wishing, my office is just at level 3 or 4 if not at the ground floor. My office is at level 20 of the building, topmost!

And so that day, as usual as latecomer, i waited for the arrival of the elevator, mind you patiently waiting. And it was a peak hour for elevator traffic. And so when the elevator door opened, 'Mak ai!' Packed with people. And i was already 30 minutes behind clocked in time. So i decided to take the stairs. I was thinking, 'ok, take three flights and stop and go for the elevator'. So i took 3 flights of stairs and when i reached the level, i went for the elevator button, waited for some minutes and 'tadaaa' door opened. Still, packed with people and no way i could squeezed my small frame into the small space. So i decided to take another 3 flights of stairs. When i reached another 3 floors up, again i tried the elevator. It was some minutes before a door opened.  It was empty. And I immediately went into it.  The moment i stepped into the elevator, i realized, 'what if the elevator is actually going down?' Alamak! too late to go out and true enough, the elevator went to lower floors. Aduhhhh...imagine, i was already at floor 11 and now the elevator took me to floor 4. And i could not stay in the elevator because i have to punch the number from outside. Ooooohhhh dear....what a dumb thing to do.

Can you imagine that? All my exertion, with baju kebaya and high heels up 6 flights of stairs...i ended at lower floor than i first started and gotta wait some more. Just as i was contemplating to take the stairs again, an elevator door opened, going for level 20. Finally...

And so, i clocked in at about 10 minutes to 9 am. Luckily my boss was not in that day...

The plus point for that day was, i definitely had done some exercise with the 6 flights of stairs and that made up a bit for the week i did not go for exercise at all...just a small consolation for being late and making silly decision.

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