Monday, 2 July 2012

Is there not another way?

This is 'the' question suggested to be asked whenever something seems not to work our way. When something that is the norm is not working right, we must ask this question, 'is there another way of doing it? / Ada cara lain tak?'

Okay, i learnt this from one Professor Emeritus who came to my workplace to talk about Innovation for Transformation. Well, i like the way he delivered his talk. Although his power point slides are more than 70 altogether but he did not went through all except some where he felt necessary to point out. Most times he used his life experience to deliver his message. These are among the things he mentioned in his talk:

1. Instill good attitude
    - provide deeper meaning to what is said. Means elaborate by giving sound reasons for things need to be done. It should not be too long to elaborate for it can be taken as babble by some but just sufficient to drive the point through.

2. Give opportunity to experience
    - allow some exploration. Do not become overbearing, too protective towards our subordinate or children for that matter. Let them try. Let them experience. Interfere only when necessary.

3. Thinking and emotion can be controlled. Take charge and never allow self-destruction.

4.  Power means: ability to take action, to make things happen and to put things into motion and ensure success.

5. Succes is about finishing and knowledge is power.

6. There is a need to have vision and target to move forward. Otherwise it is like the blind leading another blind.

7. Falling down is alright but to stay down is not!

Some wise advice i would say. I was thankful that i received the invitation to attend this talk and able to attend despite of other commitment. The professor is certainly one of the great mind in Malaysia. Wish I could be like him!

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