Friday, 1 November 2013

Sorang2 je...

Today is Saturday. Today, i should have stayed at home. Today, i should spend my time with my family.


Here i am, alone at the office. Not that i am bothered being alone. Many times i love the solitude and quietness. I actually hate places with a lot of noises. I love the jungle, the greens. I love the hills, the mountains, all the quiet place in this world. The cemetary...? Errrr....hehehehehe...

Anyway, i am at this office while waiting for my elder daughter playing chess at a tournament. I hope she will be doing very well. Since the tournament is not that far from my office, rather than driving to and fro, i decided to stay here and perhaps get some work done or more explicitly, a work done.

Only...this office has its history and story.

I am just hoping, nothing is challenging my solitude here at the office today. Well, the third dimension, you can stick around with me and watch me do work but stay invisible okay!

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