Saturday, 8 October 2011

i married my best friend's boyfriend!

hehehe...this is like a scene from a movie, right? like a drama...but life as you appreciate it is full of dramas. mine certainly is no exception.

i put the story here just to share my experience. and to say that, some things are unavoidable. and that, i never took my friend's boyfriend from her. it just happened. and now i have been married for almost 20 the very man who was my friend's boyfriend.

it was not really a good feelings or experience. jealousy was there during the first few years of my marriage. i was jealous because i knew so much of their relationship. i was jealous because i knew, i was not his first love. i was jealous because everyone who knew us expected him to marry her. i was jealous because i felt i was a second choice. i was oh my...i was a woman who was not sure of herself and who did not believe her husband (teruknya..).

my best friend has two choices at the husband, the boyfriend she knew from our town, who she did her best to entice into friendship, and her new boyfriend met at our new school, who approached her first and fell for her. and at the point when a decision has to be made, she finally decided on the new one, and gave up the first one to me. you know, like passing him over to me. that was gross right? i mean, how can one pass someone to another like that? but and her ex-boyfriend became close, i fell for him...hard...and believed that he was the right person for me. and so...we became a couple, made a pack to remain sincere to each other and finally, tied the knot.

simple? looks simple but i tell you, you have to have a strong heart to face it all. why? was a triangle relationship. she likes him, he likes her and i like him. at the end, my husband chose me over her because he sensed my sincerity and because she sort of dumped him. 

ten years after my marriage only i started to let go of history, learned to believe my husband and tarrraaaa...7 wonderful kids and still learning to understand each other. 

what's the moral of the story? you tell me...


  1. The moral of the story is embrace your destiny and accept it with full heart because ALLAH knows what best for you.

  2. thank you for this story! very similar situation and still dealing with the guilt and confusion of what has happened. glad to hear it can/will work out xx

  3. The moral of the story is Allah knows best..!! She won't last a year as his guys are made for each was the best decision for everybody then and she still pray for you guys happiness makes a great bedtime story for the children..!! Be happy have always been His 1st choice for him...doesn't that matters more..??!!