Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life begins at 40

Ever heard of that saying?
Sure you have!

A male friend of mine said, for a guy, that is the starting of years of itchiness...hahaha...really? hmmm...

Alright, i just want to write about myself.

To me, i agree with the statement. My exciting life really begins at the age of 40. Let me list out reasons for this:

- after the age of 40, i feel that i have become a fully mature woman...having experience some difficulties including the experience of delivering the 7 great kids. And the children are now independent in a way for they can sort of fend for themselves. No more diaper changing, toilet training, milk making...etc etc... 
- my career took off at greater height and because i no longer was the timid, low-esteemed woman, alhamdulillah...things get better all the time. My brain power is possibly at its best?
- i am more outspoken and have more confidence in myself. Although i say what i want to say - out aloud still, i learn much to refrain myself from hurting people because, well...i need people. I dont want to be a loner. So, i would rather swallow my words if it means i will lose friends but if it is about work...believe me, i dont really mince my words! However, i practice psychological concept...really, i am actually a nice person! Many can vouch me for that....huhu..
- my financial standing is much better at this age. Alhamdulillah...and so, i can basically get those things which previously, were unreacheable to me.
- i made many friends...because i became a bit of internet-savvy...getting into social networking. I met many interesting characters and learnt a lot about people aside from my own sphere.
- and this one perhaps will make u laugh...i get to drive on my own! I can get where i want to be but still only if my dear hubby allows. See...what a good woman i am...hehehehe...(masuk bakul nih!)
- oh this age only i get to meet with my old friends, from primary school days..and secondary as well...wonder why this didnt happened before...joining them whenever possible during alumni gathering..or just for fun, doing shopping together. Nice, eh?
- the world of exercise..aerobic, gymnasium...i only get into them after the age of 40. I have not thought of any of this before...i really started to care for myself at this age. Never too late to do anything...
- would it be too much to say that, and women alike start to notice my presence now than before??

what else, eh?

Perhaps..omeone should remind me...this is also time for me to prepare myself for the other world..? Seriously..i need to be reminded all the time...

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