Monday, 7 November 2011


Mengapa ada ketika ada jiwa yang tak tenteram?
I hate this part of me that sometimes go mushy mushy...making my brain like goes to the drain.
Where is the strong person i always have been all this time?
Where has she gone to?
Especially now when i need my faculty intact...mind, body and soul...
You know, i used to only talk to Him...asking His help...asking for His guidance and no others...

Being a woman is not easy my friends.
We are very much affected by our surrounding, hormones and emotions.
We say that we are strong but we work hard to proof that we are strong.
We are expected to be compliant, supliant...

...unlike man...their physical beings always indicate their strong nature. and their emotions are well masked. I guess, it is even harder for men...for they have to pretend strong even when deep in their heart, they are just like need of emotional it true man? 


Women are said to be superwoman when we are able to handle all...home, family, work, financial...but of coz we are! But then..i think this so called 'SUPERWOMAN' name calling is only given by women don't see this quality in women do they? and can men do the same?

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