Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A sojourn of learning...

Today, in this entry, i would like to share my experience handling the course i am teaching. I am teaching a course that many of my students or rather most students find it to be the toughest and dub it as a 'killer course'.

And because of that, i try various ways, to make my class enjoyable, with good learning experience and full of knowledge. Wisdom can be earned with experience but really, i give my all so as to make the 'killer course' becomes less harsh in its reality. I don't want my students to feel bored. So, a lot of humors, stories of life experiences and anecdotes must be continuously thought of. Alhamdulillah, many times i see happy, satisfied faces leaving my class. Only thing is, they are all scared of the examniation. But of course! Who wouldn't? Even aspiring doctors have to work very hard just to pass this course. A lot of memorizing, understanding and a lot of structures and mechanisms need to be learnt.

And today, is my last day of class with two groups of students. I must say, i am so happy. That means, i will have a day free of classes which i am going to use fully to mark about 300 students' assignment already stacked neatly on my table. Wonder when will i be able to finish marking them all. But I told my students, if they want their assignment back, please collect from me and make me correct in front of them. huhuhu...few of them have actually took up my suggestion and they received immediate comment. Still i wonder if i have made the right decision.

But am happy when the students are happy. BUT...that does not mean i can be bowed to acceptance. No students can manipulate me. Whatever marks they get, is because they deserve to get them, high or low. And i teach them to be honest as well. Honest to themselves. My class tests are done online. I don't monitor the time. I give them ample time to prepare and ample time for them to finish the test. Am i doing this right? Am not sure...but i pray that my sincerety in my work will be paid off everytime, when students graduate after a sojourn of learning.

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