Saturday, 19 November 2011

Nice rhyme

A friend of mine wrote this to me:

" mula2 bergurau, lama2 terpukau,
  mula2 berminat, lama2 tersemat.."

it was not specifically written for me but he shared this with all friends as well through our yahoogroup mail. It was surprisingly so apt in its meaning...
i mean here, we may find ourselves liking someone's way of saying things...that person may only try to make some jokes..having fun...with us, but we like the way he / she does eventually, we may get spellbound by that personality...and so...we may really like that person...and will not be so surprising if that person becomes someone we really, really like and so remains in our heart. Touching our heart...probably unintentionally but touch us nonetheless.

Have you ever experience that? i have...

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