Monday, 14 November 2011

Make up your mind to succeed

Okay, wanna share this knowledge i gained from reading Reader's Digest, May 2009. I found it interesting and worth sharing with you.

This is based on research done by a psychologist named Carol Dweck who studied for 40 years on how people handle failure.

She said:
At work, instead of letting salary, benefits and status define job satisfaction, we should ask ourselves if we are still learning while doing the job. If we answered 'YES' then we are fortunate because we have a job that encourages growth mind-set. Growth mind-set is a category whereby we believe that talent is not heaven-sent and effort and learning make everything possible. People with this mind-set finds failure as opportunity and not an insult. Because of this, we can reassess situation, adjust and try again.

Ermmm...experiential learning??

And i like this:
When feeling down, we always think that's just the way we are (which is what i usually think anyway). So the advice is instead of thinking ourselves as a failed end-product, we must view ourselves as having a temporarily derailed work in progress.

Hmmmm...interesting eh?

So my friends, the take away point is......KNOW WHAT U WANT....N WORK FOR IT!

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