Saturday, 22 December 2012

You are my friend, and i am glad

i knew this somebody about two years ago i think. i am going to call that person A. A is not of the same race as i am. A is not even anyone i thought i would be associated with. somehow, we became friends.

i like A. A is just a simple person. but i find A interesting. very interesting. A respects me just as i respect A. we have never met at all. but the mutual respect is just there.

i can talk about anything at all with A. A will at times teases me and makes my face turns red. and when we discuss about something serious, we really do become serious. A said that i am not a pretentious person. i like that. because i really don't want to be called as pretentious. A said, i am intelligent. That puts smile on my face. of course it is always wonderful to be called intelligent!

A used to send me email in the morning and wishes me with wonderful wishes to start my day. and i will respond equally. so both of us (i am sure) have smiles on our face every morning even when the day ahead might not be as cheerful.

but now, as our life schedule gets busier, especially me...the mail has become less and less...still, once in a blue moon, A will just shout at me through the email.

and A...still the old-timer...A sends me cards! i have received many cards from A and each one i cherished. to receive card / well wishes card is really a rare treat nowadays. A still does it. A said, sending card is as thrill as receiving. thank you A. but...i never send A any...(teruk betul dapat kawan macam i...)

i really appreciate it when you simply say what you think is speak your mind out. and yes, sometimes its like i am being slapped on the face when you said and pointed blankly, my fault. and you did it many times A. your advises are always welcome A. 

thank you A. i am glad that i met you. i thank Allah for putting onto my path a good person like u!


  1. A kind and good friend is gifted to us. Rezeki Allah SWT beri dgn berbagai cara termasuk lah sahabat yang baik. ALHAMDULILLAH.

  2. Thanx Ella, u r one of the few most understanding friends I have!