Saturday, 11 May 2013


I am apolitical. That's what  I think i am. In fact, political scenario is not really my cup of tea. But i do sometimes enjoy some heated discussion with friends about some issues. Certainly i have my own opinions. I wanted to share my opinions but freedom of thought is prohibited nowadays. Still, i have great concern with what happened lately. A rally? Wow! 

Of course i am not going to comment explicitly about this. I am just sad. A defeat is a defeat. All you have to do is to do a post mortem. Liars will eventually be exposed. But these are simple thought from a simple being like me. I believe instigators of the rally will have a lot to say to my simple sentence: a defeat is a harder! 

A coin has two sides. Each has different stories. Each represents different options. The chances are always 50:50. 

As far as i am concern, the people is being played at by all. Each person in the political arena has his/her own agenda. Each started with a very noble idea of doing good things but once success, money, power are in their hands, you either join the crowd or you die defending your noble ideas. You played your card well, you win. 

At the end though, you are answerable to the Almighty above. Never forget that!

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