Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Kerja dalam cuti

Assalam and good morning.

The day is not starting as brightly today. I mean, the sun is not shining. There is an overcast shadow on the sky. The day is certainly gloomy. I normally enjoy the quietness of the campus as everyone seems to be away...taking some breaks from the routine. I wish I could enjoy the day.

Once again today, I had a peep into FB. It so happened that the notification kept popping up at the corner of the screen that I can not resisted opening. As I scrolled through, I noticed many of my friends are away from Malaysia now. Some went for holidays and some went for umrah. How nice to be able to do all those. I am terribly jealous of them. Here I am, recorded as 'on leave' aka 'cuti rehat' but, sitting here in the office. And there are strong reasons that I cannot be like my friends.

Anyway, I plan to finish off grading those written assignments I made students do before they went off for their break. There are a total of 300 written assignments x 2000 words to start with. Padan muka Rozzana. But, after 2 days, Alhamdulillah, slowly and meticulously I managed to finish half the load. I tell you, it is not easy to read some of them. In fact, there are a few which I refused to continue reading and hence no grade were given. These students will have to re-do their work or risks failing the task. And then I have problem trusting the originality of their works. Urgh...

If I were staying at home, I have nothing better to do than succumbing to the alluring call of my bed. And yes, what a bliss to just lie and sleep away all the stresses of life.

Well, no more proscratination Rozzana! Back to reality. Have to complete executing the plan now.

Have a good cuti friends!

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