Sunday, 28 August 2011

meet my sweethearts

they are my sweethearts, come and meet them!

My huby: the person who makes it possible for me to be the person that i am.

My children: My elder daughter - Fatini and my third daughter - Zati
Both in Malacca pursuing their studies.


 My sons, Danish and Isyrak Afiq, my two other daughters, Fatihah and Hurin Husna. Danish is in form two, Afiq in standard 5 and Fatihah in Form four. Husna is in standard two..

And finally.....

..the apple of my eyes: Kamalia Amni - going to school next year....

What a BIG family i have kan? 
They are the reason of my existence apart from Him.


  1. Wow! What a big family!!
    I hope someday I'm gonna have the chance to experience this wonderful marriage life~

  2. InsyaAllah you can. Wont hurt you to pray harder for the rite lady to come along and always be by your side, making you happy all the time...