Friday, 16 December 2011

Now...every1 can FLY!

huhuhu...sounds good eh that tagline? indeed it is...and the tagline really sells...

Well, we can salute Tony Fernandez and his team for their perseverance in facing all the tribulations of the business world and still emerge as a strong low-cost airline. I read their reviews in conjunction with their 10th anniversary...beautiful report. A story of success along the way. It really is an evidence that if we dare to dream high, we work hard to achieve it, we can realise the dream. hey! that is not easy...perseverance, good team work...believe in oneself and the team! I tell you, this is a feat many dreamt of but very few capable to reach. Caya la Tony!!

But, after three recent experiences of boarding Air Asia, i feel, i need to write about some weaknesses that seems so much less taken care of. I see the concept behind the operation still fails in some aspects.

Firstly: since they are providing services to millions (their claim!), the operating space is such a sorry state (a feud between Tony's and MAS). So many people at any one time (but of course! Everyone can fly!!!). The view is like you are in a bus terminal. I think that is fine. But...they really don't have systematic way of doing it. There are some counters for check in but...many times, only few open. Imagine, even when you arrived 1 hour before boarding or check in time, you cannot reach the counter before the check in time closes. Why? So many people...and a long queue. Even when you had done online check in, when you are late, you still cannot get the boarding pass using the self-check in kiosk. So friends, please print your own boarding pass at home. But the drop in baggage counter? You still have to queue, and i tell you, it is not a fast service!

Secondly: to board the plane is quite a distance and so you have to walk. It is good...exercise...but...think about the elderly, women who are pregnant, families with kids...okay, so the safety measures are basically taken care of...the flight attendance or airport personnel guides you all the way. Still, i feel sorry to especially the elderly. Few actually walking with assistance of the stick! Cannot the airport personnel make it easier for them? Perhaps provide a short distance vehicle? Or allowing these people to board first? And when it rains....

Thirdly: in the process of allowing passengers to aboard, it is announced that those with 'hot seat' tickets are allowed to board first...its like those who travel business class in other conventional flights. But...people don't follow this instruction. So, it does not matter, anyone can be first even when you pay a little bit more than the rest. I wish, at least the the elderly is called out first. Hmmm..too bad eh? But, seats are numbered so there is no occurrence of people fight for good seating place. I think the first time i did try Air Asia, back in 2008, there was no seat number making me feel like i was actually taking the bus.

Foodwise: of course! you have to buy. Since i was seated in the 'hot seat' area, i was served food but...same food all the times. 3 times...same food. Aduhhh...

Oh yes...lastly: many occurences of delayed flight. That's pretty normal especially when weather is bad. BUT....they don't apologise! and we can be kept waiting questioning, queueing, when we can see that the informative screen keeps blinking flight so and so is now boarding time...And Asian are known to be having manners!

Well... Air Asia makes money, business is fluorishing so well. They can afford to sponsor EPL team and F1 if i am not mistaken... Should we feel proud of them? We should...they are Asian, they are Malaysian...and Malaysia Boleh...kan?

At the end, we get what we pay, right?

Fly everyone fly....and don't forget the continous offers and good deals which appear in the websites in such a short period! And don't forget the hidden cost as well...Happy Flying!!

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