Monday, 12 December 2011

Someone Like You

Have you listened to Adele's song? She has great voice. And this song in particular, caught my ears as of many other songs. Why do i like this song? Well it has lyrics that are realistic. It says about a relationship that did not reached its pinnacle. People can be in love but while in love, the other half may find another who probably is much better, provide better happiness, giving more than what we can offer and has offered, thus, he or she choose that person who comes later but gives more meaning.

This may happen even in marriage. We may have been married for long but one day, our other half suddenly fell in love with someone else. Of course that will hurt especially when we are very much in love with our partner, being true to our love, loyal and very caring. But i feel that sometimes, things just happened right?

So Adele's song that says:

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead...

is very true.

What's the point i am driving at now?

The point is that, we have to be prepared for any consequences....we have to be brave...when unimagined things patience for God probably has a better design for us...God never tries one who is weak...

But i do appreciate, it is not easy to replace one whom you have loved all your life and yes, it hurts a million times when the person we love is the only one we hope to be with until the end of our life and is not easy to find...Someone Like You!

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