Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Do you think that you are Thinking?

Okay guys, let me share with you some important points i gathered from Vincent Ryan Ruggiero.

Well, his book is all about thinking. He defines thinking as: a purposeful mental activity over which we exercise some control. So, thinking is a controlled mental activity. The mental activities are searching for answers, reaching for meaning (like formulating or solving a problem, making decision or fulfilling a desire to understand).

He further said that; effective thinking is mostly a matter of habit. Hah! there you go...if we make thinking as a habit...we can give good ideas and so, a good thinker does not necessarily have a high IQ. Whoa...anyone can be a good thinker as long as we make a habit of thinking i.e.doing mental activities.

Hello...this is not academic discussion. This is a sharing of information..lay man term.

And i like this, : the secret of efficient thinkers is not that they experience fewer distractions but they have learned to deal with them more quickly and more effectively than inefficient thinkers do.

So my friend, we can learn to be good efficient thinkers by simply continuously doing some mental activities, and make that as a habit.

I remembered one article about Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz, recently written in the mainstream newspaper, and he is now 90...he said, he never cease from making mental activities. And look at him now...a very respected individual and still a very healthy man.

And yes, according to scientific findings, if we keep our brain working, that will help to deter from becoming or reaching senility...

Let's start using our brain effecively, eh!

Hmmm..i am thinking....

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