Monday, 20 February 2012

My boss

She is a wonderful person. Really she is...

yes, if you remember well, in one of my writings, i wrote about how upset i was when she did not talk to me for at least 7 days...i nearly quit from her office but Alhamdulillah...things are better now. 100 times better. I believe perseverance will eventually bears sweet fruit.

That time, when she was not in talking mood with me, i presumed she must be having some problems. Even when i felt hurt for the way she treated me, ..and i was wondering a lot at that time, why was she doing that to me...Still, i stayed on and continue doing my best.

I heard about many people who don't like her. I can understand why...she is a very intelligent woman. Her plans, ideas, would never fail to work. Even our big boss trusts her. She always delivered her tasks well. And it seems, because of her ability to make things work, people feel threatened by her intelligence and her ability to complete tasks successfully.

I watch her work, I observe her way of doing things, and she never at any time, refuse a request for sharing experience. She teaches without reservation. She basically showed me, no matter who is at the top of the management level, we must always do our best to deliver. Never think of what would be the reward after work is done, just prove that you can deliver well. Rewards come later ... perhaps much later in different ways.

She always advice me to think ahead of the boss or not to be behind the boss to much. I am learning...learning to be fast in my thinking..and always put on my thinking cap. Never slackening behind. Always be smart. Don't say too much. Don't overdo. Just be careful, cautious of people...and never think much of what people may say about what you think is right.

To me, she is a good manager and also a leader. Always supportive. Always appreciate effort put forward by her staff and she basically think of us as teamwork. Even the office boy gets to learn some aspects of our boss simply feels that everyone must be involved in any project we are asked to do. And when we deliver successfully, we will celebrate together.

I must say, I am very lucky to be selected to join this office, this team. I believe I learnt a lot about management here, in this office than anywhere else I have been.

I think I will miss the challenges of working in this office once my contract here finishes.  What I can say now is...Alhamdulillah...I think my boss can see the difference in me since first joining her office. And I think she has trusted me enough now and am glad that she has included me in many of her planning and my opinions counted.

And because of her, and of course some effort of mine, I am now being acknowledged of having some 'expertise' and asked to handle some training sessions. Syukur....I definitely going to miss working with my boss when my term ends next year!

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