Monday, 9 April 2012

Be thankful!

As i was travelling home last night from the aerobic session, this thought crossed my mind: would it be nice if i were a bit more sociable and unafraid of doing things when i was young?

There is this enviousness in me to many young women of this age. They experience some freedom and seem to be enjoying their young age more than what i once had. I thought, i should have enjoyed myself as much so that i experienced more as "you are only young once".

I wish i had done that and this...

Now at this age, wanting to do many things as the youngs are doing look ludicrous and ridiculous. Perhaps, still not too late for some like going out with friends, karaokeing, exercising, movie, shopping...

This is me talking as a working woman. What about my friends who are housewives and relying on husband for some money. What are their feelings? Do they feel like i do? Or perhaps, they had already enjoyed their young life to the fullest, they are now content being at home and family women? i envy them too because, they are simple minded and never thought more than beyond imagination...

What ever...i must always remind myself: be thank ful!!!

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