Friday, 12 August 2016

Tahniah my daughter!

Pagi2 lagi my daughter dh bagi good news. Setiap kali pun bila results exam nak keluar mesti Ana dengan dia ada sikit argument...ala..biasa2 aje...Ana kata dah boleh check results, nanti dia balas balik kata, belum bolehhh...

As of the previous times, she will always say, 'Takutttt...takut fail...!' And everytime Ana mesti respond by saying, 'It is okay. All was done. So tawakkal aje la. Don't worry.'

Every semester, she will always told people at home particularly me and her ayah, 'ada satu kursus tu, susahhh...dh study dh tapi tak faham2...'. Macam tu la setiap kali. Without fail. Last semester she was concerned of her Arabic lesson, but she managed an A-. The previous semester, it was a course in accounting and scored A, this time pulak, something to do with pure mathematics. Her score is not that good but she did not fail the course. The night before she was telling me,'Ibu, takut kena repeat kursus tu. Susah giler...'. Anyway, alhamdulillah she did pretty well for something she was so worried about. A B-...a first B- since she started her bachelor degree programme. Ok la tu kot. Ibu dia pun never that smart. Hehehehe...

So Fatihah, congratulations for once again you manage to be among the Dean's List Achiever and your CGPA even though dropped by almost 0.3 points, still a good CGPA score. Just that, you have to work harder for the coming time to procrastinate, no time to fool around catching pokemon!


  1. U nyer anak anak mmg bijak dlm akademik...mcm ibu nyer juga kan

    1. Alhamdulillah...rezeki. Ibu so so aje...