Sunday, 30 September 2012

What's wrong with me?

For the past one week, i have been feeling under the weather everyday. I try to figure out what could be the reason for this uncomfortable i near the time to meet my Maker already? I am scared...

I feel tired easily nowadays. I think i lost much of the enthusiasm i always have in doing my everyday duties. I   almost drag myself to keep on trudging forward and it pains me to feel this way. There are too much to be done and yet, my energy level has plummeted to lower level. 

I wonder if my blood sugar level has risen from normal. I wonder if my already borderline level of bad cholesterol has surpassed the limit. Would that be the reason why i am feeling so bad lately?

Looking at my family's health history, it is really not encouraging at all. Mother is a diagnosed diabetes. Late father died of leukimia. Grandmother died of old age but she had severe Alzheimer, extreme senility and was on medication for hypertension. Grandfather was said to die of lack of vitamin B (what was the disease?). My other grandmother (mother's side) died of somekind of illness (not sure what). i having a concoction of those problems that my descendants suffering from? i hope i am not.

Anyway....i am at a lost a bit now. My last blood check up was alright except for the bad cholesterol level which is threateningly going overboard. 

A friend advised me to just go and take that long break much needed by my physical and perhaps emotional being. Sounds like a very good advice but...what about my family? And i am sure, my dear husband won't understand the need for me to be all alone and refresh myself. What a life!

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