Thursday, 23 August 2012

Letter to a husband

Dear husband,

Once you have agreed to receive me as your wife, i want your understanding, that i am no perfect. I have flaws and blemishes. There will be time when i will behave erratically, cannot blame my hormones though but yes, i will be like woman in an asylum. But please, please understand me.

I want you to know, i need some pampering. I am no child but with you, i would like to behave like one. Because, i want you to show me your love, your care. I need you to tell me that it is okay to make mistake, that you will be by my side to support me, always...that is what i want to hear.

As a husband, i really look up on you. I am cherishing you as i have total believe that you will lead me to goodness and happiness. I bear your children because i love you. But i want you to always cherish me. Do you know that i have total trust on you? I do...and because of that, i will always remain your humble wife, despite of our differences in some opinions.

I want your unbounding love, attention, appreciation...even when you are tired, please just show me that whatever i do at home, is always being appreciated. You must tell me that i am doing good as a wife and mother to your children. Otherwise, i will not know how good or bad i am. Because, what matters most are your trust in me, for if not, how would i perform my motherly and wifely duties?

Money is nothing without love...but in this era of life, love must come hand in hand with money...i am no materialistic woman but face it, what freedom we could have with some money? Anyway, i never ask for more than necessary. And you know that.

How many marriages fell because of money? And do you think, because of that women should be blamed? You must know, dear hsuband, there are many women who stand by the husband through thin and thick and because of that, women feel cheated when the husbands turned their head to greener pastures. Forgetting that, beside them, stood wives who shoulder everything so that husbands can rest easier and forget about what may happen at home. if i were a housewife, i will look after your children the best i can. even now, as a working woman, i still think of you and the children first before myself.

Aaahhh..sometime I think, there is injustice in all these. that me as a woman must shoulder all responsibilities...but then dear husband, i do all this because i believe in you, and i love you.

I think i have said enough. There are more in my heart, but i guess, it wont kill to keep some secrets.

Take care husband and remember, you must take good care of me too and never let other men steal me from you cause i believe, you are still the best for me!

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