Friday, 31 August 2012

She can ride now!

I am talking about my youngest daughter Kamalia Amni. Yes, she rides bicycle now and i am one proud parent. My husband and i always wonder, when will she be able to ride a bicycle. We started buying her tricycle when she was like 3 years old. Then at 5, we bought her another bicycle, which has 2 extra wheels at the side. We encouraged her to cycle every day and of course my husband is always the one who trained her. And then one day, he removed one of the supporting wheels, Kamalia rode and she fell. She tried again and again until her father has to put back the supporting wheels. Then Kamalia stopped trying. We thought she was not interested to ride again. So we gave her bicycle away.

On the recent third day of raya, while counting her raya collection (RM!), she suddenly asked for a new bicycle. She wanted to use her raya money for a new bicycle. And so i made a promise to her that i will buy her a bicycle when her raya collection is enough to buy one. The next three morning, a neighbour whose daughter has new bicycle gave us his daughter's old bicycle to Kamalia. Initially Kamalia refused the bicycle and demanded be given a new one. My husband and i were just waiting for the right time to buy, perhaps on her next birthday, which is about two months away.

Later that evening, as i was reaching home from work, i saw someone who looked like my daughter, riding a bicycle towards my car. I slowed down the car and opened my eyes bigger. My oh my! She was my very Kamalia...riding on two wheels! She was so happy showing off her new acquired ability that she didn't want to stop riding even when the day was getting dark. I wished i had photographed her as she came down the road towards my car. She looked so cute!

Alhamdulillah, i am so happy now that she can ride her bicycle. InsyaAllah, come her birthday later, she will get a brand new, pink color bicycle, her favorite color!

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